Daniella Koren, Arches Technology

Daniella Koren, Arches Technology

2019 Innovation Prize Winner

Idea: Expand the digital patient education and engagement program MyCareCompass that provides relevant information and evidence-based education to people impacted by cancer throughout their treatment journey.

About the Winning Idea

Processing a cancer diagnosis and treatment plan can be very difficult, overwhelming, and emotionally draining for patients and their families. It's also a challenge for healthcare institutions to provide the right information at the right time. After analyzing millions of data points from people living with cancer, along with insights from oncology nurses, oncologists and patients, Arches Technology identified serious gaps in the way cancer care centers provide cancer education. Arches Technology aims to improve the oncology journey through automation of personalized, relevant information every step of the way.

Arches Technology developed MyCareCompass, a digital patient education and engagement program, to help people impacted by cancer navigate everyday care by providing relevant information and evidence-based education in an easy-to-understand format, one step at a time.

MyCareCompass syncs with electronic doctors' records - known as electronic health records (EHR) - to share resources with patients based on their individual needs, from their specific diagnosis to appointment timing and treatment milestones. This integration establishes a clear, continuous line of patient communication without adding extra tasks for the patient or medical staff. Patients can receive timely educational content and information about each step of cancer treatment via email, text messages and automated phone calls. The visuals and animations are more effective and easier to understand than a typical paper pamphlet - and patients have reported that MyCareCompass has had a positive impact on their experiences.

Arches Technology has already implemented MyCareCompass at Kettering Health Network in Dayton, Ohio, for patients undergoing infusion chemotherapy and immunotherapy, with other modules in development.

How the C3 Prize Will Be Used

Arches Technology will expand the reach of MyCareCompass to serve more cancer institutions throughout the United States and abroad. Additionally, Arches Technology will develop new content specific to other therapy types (in addition to infusion chemotherapy and immunotherapy). Arches Technology will connect with cancer centers and non-profit organizations that advocate for underprivileged populations that need more cancer support services.

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