Leslie Schover, Will2Love

Leslie Schover, Will2Love

2019 Innovation Prize Winner

Idea: Optimize care for cancer-related problems with sex and fertility, including online self-help tools for men and women, online training and support for oncology health professionals, and consulting to hospitals on how to structure a reproductive health program.

About the Winning Idea

Living with cancer or as a cancer survivor comes with challenges and concerns that are rarely discussed, including sexual and reproductive health. Clinical psychologist Leslie Schover, Ph.D., who is internationally recognized as an expert on sexual problems and infertility related to cancer treatment and other chronic illnesses, founded Will2Love to help cancer survivors prevent or overcome sexual or fertility problems. Will2Love strives to empower cancer survivors with online patient interventions for both men and women as well as an online training manual for oncology professionals.

Each new survivor or partner using a Will2Love self-help program completes questions about his or her type of cancer and treatment, specific sexual problems, desire for help with fertility and parenthood, and relationship and dating issues, in order to create a personalized homepage with links to the most relevant content in the program. Will2Love guides people in choosing top goals for the program and tailors content accordingly, providing links to readings or exercises, and potential barriers and strategies to overcome them. After 12 weeks, people have the ability to review their progress and create a plan for the next 12 weeks.

Will2Love's tool for healthcare professionals teaches them to use the self-help programs with patients, including how to discuss sex and fertility comfortably, conduct assessments, and combine the self-help exercises with medical options to treat sexual problems or infertility.

How the C3 Prize Will Be Used

Will2Love will create specialized versions of its patient self-help programs for specific groups of people, including a version for younger survivors (diagnosed with cancer from birth to age 40), and LGBTQ-specific content. In addition, it will translate its website into Spanish, given the need in the U.S. and in other Spanish-speaking countries for a resource like Will2Love.

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